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Smorchkova Christina Vladimirovna, Postgraduate student, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. Being a part of the common poetics of the work, the color vocabulary plays a considerable role in discovering the idea of M. U. Lermontov’s novel “Vadim” and creating its figurative system. The actuality of the research depends on the non-treatment in the current study of literature questions, connected with description of the light-color structure of Lermontov poetics. The goal of the scientific research is to work out a fragment of the philological analysis of the novel “Vadim” directed to showing Lermontov’s specificity of the light and color depiction.
Materials and methods. The material for the scientific analysis was 200 light-and-color symbols which were taken from the novel “Vadim” by the method of continuous sampling. The key research method was a method of philological analysis and its main instrument was cultural-historical interpretation. Besides, the quantitative-symptomatic method was widely used in the research.
Results. There are two main categories of the light and color description ways noted in the novel “Vadim”. They are traditional and author’s original ones. They compose the basis and peculiarity of Lermontov’s writing coloristic. The author’s original ways of depicting the light and color are comparison, metaphor, description and lexical surrounding. They greatly enrich the novel’s color palette, promoting the discovery of the central images.
Conclusions. The specificity of the light and color poetics structure of the novel “Vadim” is concluded in using the author’s original ways of light and color descrip-tion. The lexical surrounding demands further working out as it is the leading way of light and color depiction.

Key words

color symbol, light symbol, way of light and color description, traditional coloratives, comparison, metaphor, description, lexical surrounding.

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